Mad Skills

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Practice Makes Perfect

Who’s ready to build and show off some mad skills to achieve your goals? Although we are all born with innate talents and aptitude towards what we are passionate about in life, skills often take practice and hard work to develop and master. As you’ve probably heard many times over by now if you want to become proficient at something and develop those mad skills to be the best, then practice makes perfect.

So skills take some grit to master. You need to put in the time and effort to build the skill set required to progress and then conquer your goals and vision. Whether your goals be financial goals such as paying off unproductive debt like we talked about in Debt Slayer, income goals relating to increasing your income stream like we discussed in Here Come The Income or career goals like we dove into on Career Crush, your skill set will most likely need some updating to achieve success.

Identify The Skill Gap

The first step of determining what skills you need to develop is identifying the gap between where you are now and where you want to go. What skills do you need to catapult you from your existing scenario to your desired scenario?

For example if you want to make a career change to a web designer position, you would identify what skills you possess now and then what skills you still need to make this specific career shift. Do you need to obtain a certification of some kind? Do you need to take some classes to update your knowledge on the ever changing technology or do some independent research on the subject? Basically what do you need to make it happen?

It’s Got To Be You Babe

And to be clear, I am talking about you vs. anyone else. Both fortunately and unfortunately when it comes to your goals, nobody else is going to take the immense amount of time and energy required to achieve your desired vision in life. It goes without saying that when it’s your dream and vision on the line, then it’s you who ultimately needs to work the hardest to hit your target.

This isn’t saying you won’t welcome support and collaboration along the way. I just think it’s a good baseline expectation that much of personal goal achievement is, well…personal. Meaning it’s mainly on your shoulders darling. But don’t let this overwhelm you. Honestly as long as you are setting your goals from a place of authenticity and inner knowing, nobody else is going to do it better than you will anyway.

What Are Skills?

So we’ve established that practice makes perfect when mastering the mad skills that you’ll need for your personal success at achieving your goals. So what exactly are skills? According to the amazement of Google, skills are defined as: the ability to do something well; expertise; or a particular ability. Let’s further look at skills from some additional angles.

Core Compentencies

There are going to be critical skills that you will need to achieve your goals. These are the skills which if you don’t possess, will basically leave you dead in the water without much chance of swimming to sweet success. These are oftentimes referred to in the business world as core compentencies. In other words, these are the must-have skills that will have the largest and most meaningful impact on your odds for success.

For example if you want to be a motivational speaker but you lack public speaking skills and freeze in front of an audience, then it’s safe to say you are lacking the core compentency you will need to be a successful motivational speaker.

Don’t worry though. If for example becoming a motivational speaker is still your dream and you believe it’s the absolute right path for you, then you can overcome this skill gap through practice and hard work. You can build your skills through participation in things such as: public speaking classes, joining an organization that specializes in speech performance, practicing in front of friends and family, studying other amazing public speakers for tips, etc.

It’s All At Your Fingertips

With the high accessibility to online resources and social media, you really shouldn’t have any trouble (no matter what skill set you are trying to master) of finding the resources right for you. There are countless online communities, connection opportunities and sources of knowledge literally at your fingertips on your phone, laptop or computer for you to access.

So there should never really be the excuse of not building skills because of lack of resources available. The possibilities are just too bountiful of what you can access and learn independently when you are motivated to do so! This is a great blessing of the modern age we live in.

When it comes to learning or mastering anything new, you will definitely experience challenges, mistakes and frustration that you will need to overpower. However it’s all worthwhile in the end when you’ve gained the expertise through trial and error and persistence until you eventually have all the mad skills, or core compentencies, that you need for victory.

Hard Skills Vs. Soft Skills

Skills are typically classified in two types of ways: hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are those which are easily defined such as technical skills, grammatical skills, internet coding skills, mathmatical skills or other finance related skills. These are the skills which you basically either possess or don’t. They aren’t up for as much interpretation.

This is in comparison to soft skills, which are a little more challenging to define in relation to whether you’ve mastered these or not. Soft skills are skills such as good relationship skills, networking skills, effective communication skills, leadership skills, and/or empathy skills. These are equally as important as the hard skills you will need to achieve a goal, but these can be a little more debatable.

For example, I think we’ve all known people who think they are amazing people persons. However as people on the receiving ends of their lovely personalities, we may respectfully disagree, LOL. I’m sure we’ve also known people who think they are incredible leaders who we wouldn’t follow anywhere on the planet!

So soft skills can be a little more tricky, but are also incredibly important. If you are having difficulty assessing your expertise level of certain soft skills required for your goal achievement, ask a trusted friend or mentor. Or you can take a personality assessment test like we talked about in the blog and podcast Career Crush to help you better understand your current level of expertise in relation to these types of skills.

Mad Skills Are A Package Deal

Whatever you do, don’t ignore the importance of either type of skill. It takes both hard skills and soft skills to ultimately find the success you are looking to attain. It is equally detrimental to only possess soft skills with no hard skills to back them up. We’ve also all experienced the “all talk” types who lack the ability or substance needed to perform necessary tasks. This can be equally damaging to long-term success.

We all need both types of skills in addition to the core competencies a specific goal requires. When you wrap up the mastery of core compentencies, hard skills and soft skills into a power package, you will be unstoppable!

The masterfully talented artist and pioneer of his time Leonardo da Vinci said the following:

“Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.”

Leonarda da Vinci was one man in history who definitely possessed some mad skills!

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