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Who’s Got The Power? YOU Do.

Who’s got the power? You’ve got the power. Oh yeah, you didn’t know that! Well you’re about to find out. Empowerment is such a beautiful word of the English vocabulary.

It is defined on the wonderment of Google as “the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.” Dang, doesn’t that definition just make you feel empowered! It does me, it definitely does me.

Declare It Like Our Ancestors

So how do we accomplish this thing called empowerment? How do we take our stance back in life and grow our personal strength and power? How do we stand up for ourselves and our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as we are so entitled to as the people of this nation?

You know those hard won freedoms won by our ancestors who walked this sacred land before us and proudly and boldly declared this as #truth in The Declaration of Independence not so very long ago!

So now that you have this precious right to live your own life, to possess your own liberty and to pursue your own happy, what are YOU doing to empower yourself to stand proudly in this right?

Let Your Talent Shine

Hopefully your answer is NOT: “nothing”, “nada”, “you know, just chililn man”. Hopefully you have awe stricken gratitude for this right that the majority of the world would give an actual limb to possess, and are stepping into your own power and becoming the person you strive to be.

Wasted talent is not a good look on anyone. So let’s all step up into this empowerment thing, go take care of business and make it happen. Whatever that looks like to you! Because remember, it’s not going to look the same for everyone.

Everyone Is Wonderfully Different

Each person’s life, liberty and pursuit of happiness is going to look different. Because we are all different. So that’s why comparing yourself to others’ does not do you any good. Because your path is not the same as the path of just any other person.

Your path probably looks much different. And that is ok! That is perfect in fact. Because that’s where the brilliance of this country lies; in the diversification of people, of cultures, of opinions and ideas.

We just need to remember that. And first off, not compare ourselves to others’. Because there is only one you, so honestly what the heck is the point? And second, remember that difference of opinion and diversity is a wonderful and important part of collaboration and creating optimal results. If we are all saying the same thing from the exact same perspective, then are we really saying anything at all? Hmm, things that make you ponder right?

Empowerment Creates Success

Now let’s dive into empowerment, so we can really master this amazing skill and transformative experience. Because empowerment is so important to your success in this world.

Whether it be success with your career, success with your personal goals, success with your money goals, and/or success with your relationships. Empowerment is an important key to help turn these goals into victories with more ease, grace and strength.

On Fire

Ok so there is much material out there on empowerment, and the majority of it is great material in deed. However I recently read a book written by a local St. Louis native named John O’Leary titled On Fire: The 7 Choices to Ignite a Radically Inspired Life. Shout out to the STL!

Although this book probably wasn’t intended to specifically address the word empowerment, and I’m not sure if it actually even mentions the word. I can’t recall 100%, so I could stand corrected and it could mention this word. But my point is this brilliant work of literature about how John O’Leary overcame the severe burning of his body as a nine-year old child epitomizes the overarching principles of empowerment as I see them.

I’m not going to specifically detail this book. Although I do recommend that every person out there read it (it literally almost had me in tears in the middle of the library – it was so incredibly moving and inspirational). But I’m not going into the nitty gritty details of his work today. Instead I’m summarizing some of his points as I took them in my own interpretation.

What Is Empowerment?

So what is empowerment to me? Empowerment is the following guideposts as inspired to me by this great work of literature:

The Choice Is Yours and Yours Alone

So like we’ve talked about in other podcasts and blogs, you have this gorgeous but somewhat terrifying thing called free will. What this means is that you always have a choice no matter what is thrown your way. So you may not choose the specific circumstance being brought your way. Trust me, there are many circumstances I certainly wouldn’t choose if I had endless options. Lol.

However you do have the absolute choice of how you will react to any situation thrown your way. Will you react by shrinking into a violet and letting fear take over? Or will you react by being the bad boss that you are, dusting off your shoulders and getting back to what you are trying to accomplish? The choice is yours. It is not anyone else’s but yours.

So what will you choose when life throws you curve-balls on your path to your pursuit of happiness which is absolutely going to freaking happen? Go ahead and count on it. What will you choose though? To lie down and go nighty night or rise up and kick the kicker? Whatever that looks like to you! The choice is yours.

You Are Enough

So you may be sick of me talking about this by now. But I will never stop, so just get used to it…ha,ha. I can be a relentless thing when I feel like it, and this is a subject I am 100% sure on. You are enough.

You were born enough and will always be enough. So don’t let this nagging question which is just merely part of the human condition stop you from stepping into your true self and your true power. Ever. Be you and only you. Not anyone else. Just you.

Own Your Own Why (OYOW)

This is really powerful to empowerment in my opinion; knowing your purpose for what you are trying to achieve. In other words: Own Your Own Why. We’ll make up a new acronym right quick and call this OYOW. So in addition to YOLO (You Only Live Once) which I love, let’s also OYOW (Own Your Own Why).

We’ve talked in the prior blogs and podcasts Goal Digging and Courage about how important it is to set your intentions or goals. You must be clear in your vision and your desired destination to truly step into the power you will need to conquer and reach your goals. You must be clear in your vision and your desired destination to truly step into the power you will need to conquer and reach your goals.

I wrote in Finding Your Courage, “It’s naturally going to be easier to find your courage (and I will insert empowerment here as well) and stand strong when you believe in what you are fighting for! So get clear, and you will get courage.” That is what I said previously. But you can easily add the word empowerment to this sentence as well. So the modified version can be “So get clear. Get clear, and you will get your courage and empowerment.” Yeah baby.

Attitude and Gratitude

I love how John O’Leary questions people with this question: “Are you going to be the victim or the victor?” Which is it? Because you can’t be both. So are you going to shrink into a ball and cry poor me? Or are you going to stand up in your own power and keep plowing away toward victory? Once again, you get to choose.

Attitude is so important for success. And more specifically a positive, can-do attitude is so important for success. There are going to be bumps in the road, big old ones! But are you going to pull over on the side of the road, cry, sip some chamomile tea and then turn around because that mean old bump is the problem and is all to blame?

And trust me, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with any of those things on their own merit. Sometimes you DO need to pull over for a hot second to regain your composure. Sometimes you DO need to cry it out. And sometimes you DO just need some dang calming tea before you explode on someone right?

But are you really then going to turn around and blame the bump for your failure to move forward? Heck no! I hope not. I hope you are going to do whatever it takes to follow your purpose, to reach your goal and to OYOW right? Own Your Own Why and find a freaking way over or around that bump.

That is the can-do-won’t-stop attitude you need to reach your goals! And a great way and tip to get your attitude in check is through practicing gratitude.

When life is raining on you and all you see are storm clouds, it is a game changer to find and remember the things you are grateful for in order to turn your perspective and attitude around for the better.

If you don’t think you have anything to be grateful for, start with being alive and taking the very breath you are taking right now. Be grateful for that. Start there and just keep expanding until your mindset is back to where you need it to be to catapult yourself over that bump and keep moving along your wonderful way.

You Don’t Grow In Your Comfort Zone

I honestly sometimes feel like I’m beating a dead horse with this subject. I would never actually do that by the way. I am a huge animal lover. What I’m saying is I talk a great deal about the need to leave your comfort zone in order to grow. You know rake the rut and leave comfy land. If you listen or read my work, you know how I feel about comfy land.

It is cool to hang out there for a little bit when you need a breather, but then it’s time to go and grow! Turns out this same concept applies to achieving empowerment. Hmmm, funny how that works. I will not continue beating this to a pulp too much, but seriously everyone!

In order to expand, you must actually expand past the familiar and comfortable to that scary unknown. Please listen or read Into The Unknown To Conquer for in-depth advice on how to tackle this. Yes, it’s scary. But yes, it’s absolutely invigorating and worth while!

You Matter

This is the last guidepost I’m going to cover (although there is much more available out there for you to consume at rapid and carnivorous rates, so please have at it). But this one is so, so important. The overall message of this final piece to empowerment is that You Matter.

What you do matters even if you don’t realize how much it matters. So step into your power and true self and start living the life you want to live. And please make sure you understand that your work and your accomplishments mean so much more than you will probably ever realize. One person can truly change the world. I really do believe that.

But even if it’s not the world you are changing. You can certainly change the world for a person who you help out in need; or share a positive message with; or shine bright as a beacon of empowerment to in the dark night. You can change so much by just living in your own authenticity with compassion for your fellow neighbor.

A kind word, a hug when it is so direly needed, a pep talk of encouragement, giving to a charity, standing for a cause near and dear to your heart with respect to all differing opinions, letting your talent shine, working hard at your job, leading by example, and/or smiling through adversity for the world to see. All of these things matter. They matter greatly. So whatever you do, understand that.

You matter and what you do in this world matters. You walking your path despite the fear and the nay-sayers is contagious. So spread this contagion to lift up this world to a higher and better vibration. It absolutely starts with YOU.

What Would John O’Leary Say?

I’m going to conclude with a quote from the author who inspired me by walking his journey despite the nay-sayers and despite the immense fear and challenges he experienced. John O’Leary’s message to us is this, “you can’t always choose the path that you walk in life, but you can always choose the manner in which you walk it”.

Work That Walk

So go walk your path like the fabulous person that you are for all those surrounding you to admire and then replicate. Work it!

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