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Panning for Golden Thoughts

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Examining your thoughts about money is so powerful. Studies have shown that 95% of what many of us do in a standard day is driven by our subconscious thinking. Do you frequently not remember your drive home or your morning work because you are just going through the motions based on your established mind patterns? This is the subconscious doing its thing. The mind is an amazing complex masterpiece which is believed to produce up to 50,000 thoughts per day. By writing down your thoughts on money from my Rake the Rut blog, you took the first step to identify your thoughts and beliefs or MINDSET on money.

Congratulations, that was a power move in itself. Reflection isn’t easy for everyone. Working through our thoughts and eeek even worse, our feelings, can be an uncomfortable process for some people. I know, I used to be one of those people and still struggle on some topics that get a little shall I say overly emotional? With my vast financial background, money is not one of those topics because my brain has been conditioned to talk and think about money. But get me in a crowded room where we start sharing about our loving feelings and well, can someone pass the wine?

Be the Boss

The best thing about this amazingly complex organ we were blessed with between our ears is that we can reprogram it to do what we want it to do. The mind works for us. We do not work for the mind. Have you ever dreamed of being a leader or a boss? Start now by leading and being the boss of your own thoughts which in turn will drive your feelings and your behaviors. With more focused thoughts, feeling and action toward what you want PLUS the application of practical financial tools, you will reach the money goals you set to achieve.

Pan for the Golden Thoughts

You’ve identified your thoughts and beliefs on money from the Rake the Rut blog exercise. Now you need to pan for the golden thoughts. I know many people love the show Gold Rush where they dig through the paydirt to find the nuggets and flakes of gold. I’m always so amazed at how much digging they actually have to do to find such little amounts of gold. But then you find out how much the gold they find is worth and it is so worth the effort! This process will be the same way.

Go through the pay dirt of all your thoughts and beliefs about money and look for the nuggets and flakes of golden thoughts you want to keep. These are the thoughts you like, that are serving you well; that are making you feel great about money. Keep these, these are valuable to you.

When going through the selection process, some thoughts you may want to keep are ones which make you feel determined, proud, happy and excited. Thoughts which make you feel stressed, angry, fearful or that hold you back need to go!

Believe Them

Here is something to be mindful of when going through your thoughts. When gold miners pan for gold, the gold only sticks in the pan because it is heavier than the rest of the matter. The same holds true when we pan for golden thoughts. In order for you to truly change your mindset, you must believe your thoughts- they must be heavy. The thoughts you want to keep are positive, empowering thoughts which you believe. If you don’t believe the thought, don’t try to force it. Just choose another one you do believe.

Get Rid of the Dirt

Keep the productive thoughts and discard the rest of the dirt, it is worthless. Make the decision on which thoughts about money are serving you well and will get you to your next money goals. Then watch the discarded worthless thoughts wash down the stream and dissolve into nothing in your mind. Oh doesn’t that feel good.

Clearing this worthless dirt out of your mind will open up space for incorporating fresh thoughts about money into your mind, opening up opportunity for exciting new possibility in your world of finance.

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