Welcome to coaching which infuses the vast knowledge of the financial industry with master mindset coaching and business savvy skills to help kick your money goals into active attainment and finally free you from hard to change money habits.

In my almost 20 years experience in lending, finance and banking organizational leadership, the biggest thing I see is intelligent people utilizing financial advice and products to greatly improve a financial situation but then finding themselves right back in a situation which was opposite of their money goals, and this often times happens rather quickly.

So what gives? The answer: The beautiful efficient mind. If the mindset does not change in conjunction with financial tools, success is only short-lived. These two disciplines can’t thrive without each other. With my infusion of financial and mindset coaching, you can finally reach the money heights you strive to reach. And most importantly, stay there! Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation.

Financial Expert & Master Mindset Coach,

Jenea Korte